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Three-Point Hyperextension brace with sternal adjustment TC/35

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  • Made of aluminum alloy. 
  • Contact points lined with leather.
  • Modular chest pad also lined with leather.
  • Adjustable abdominal band.
  • Horizontally or vertically adjustable rear support plate.
  • Snap-Lock adjustable rear belt.
  • Locking mechanism with a lock for safety and easy application.
  • Height adjustment on the lateral metallic parts of the brace.
  • Helps the patient maintain correct posture and an upright position.
  • Allows sitting and semi-sitting positions.
  • Adjustable height.
  • White colour.

Conservative treatment for:


  • Stable compression fractures of the Thoracic and Lumbar vertebrae
  • Stable compression fractures of the front column -Thoracic and Lumbar vertebrae
  • Osteoporosis-related kyphosis


Post-operative treatment for:


  • Spinal Fusion in the ΤL-spine 
  • Laminectomy in the TL-spine


Size Waist Circumference  
Small 65 – 75 cm
Medium  75 – 90 cm
Large 90 – 105 cm
XLarge 105 – 115 cm

Purchase procedure through EOPYY:


For a purchase through EOPYY you should contact us by phone at 2104822800.

Send us the medical report sealed and signed by the doctor and the examiner.

You pay your participation (Cash on Delivery, bank deposit or credit card) and then we send you the product along with the necessary EOPYY documents, which you must sign and send back to us.


EOPYY material code: 00582

EOPYY description: Three Point Thoracic or Lumbar Brace.

Superior granted amount of EOPYY: € 225,00

EOPYY disease code: Q76.2, M43, G95, S22, S23, S32, S33, C79.5, M49, M80 (see disease table).


Attention: In case your participation is 0%, it is necessary to send us a photocopy of the KEPA decision.

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