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Heavy Duty Rollator – Wheeled Walker Alustyl Max

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Rollator XXL Alustyl Max is designed to provide comfort and convenience wherever needed. It has a much larger seat width than a standard Rollator. Thanks to its sturdy construction it can hold up to 180 kg.




  • User-friendly handles for patients with arthritis.
  • Has seats with a back for maximum comfort.
  • Includes a regular basket.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Useful Information:


  • When sitting or getting up from the walker the brakes must be placed in the permanent position (pushing the handle down) so that the walker stays still and does not slip.
  • When getting up while using the walker you must lean on both handles simultaneously.
  • By using only one hand for support (and without the help of a companion) can damage the handles.
  • Do not leave the rollator in a wet condition.
  • When sitting down or getting out of the wheelchair, be careful as to avoid geting your clothes hooked.
  • Clean the walker regularly, especially the plastic seat cover.
  • Do not leave children near the stroller unattended.
Seat Width 49,5 cm
Seat Length 34 cm
Width (Folded) 31 cm
Length (Folded) 71 cm
Wheel Diameter 19 cm
Maximum User Weight 180 kg

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