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CPAP Device Rental

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Features & Benefits:


  • Exhalation pressure relief (EPS) function in three levels.
  • Apneas displayed on screen.
  • Sound alarm in case of power failure and leakage.
  • Silent, about 30 db.
  • Recording treatment on a Micro-SD card.
  • Built-in humidifier.
  • Screen brightness adjustment setting.
  • Analysis and printing software in Greek.
  • Configure PC therapy via MorfeusView software.
  • With a practical bag for storage & transport.
  • The use of the CPAP device is done with a special antibacterial filter that is placed right before the device in order to protect the user from germs.
  • Suitable for patients suffering from apnea (breathing disorder).
  • Provides continuous positive air pressure for a pleasant sleep, while resulting in better oxygenation of the brain and the cardiorespiratory system.

For hygiene reasons the mask is not for rent.

The monthly rent is prepaid.

Immediate delivery / Upon order.

Demonstration, placement and adjustment by specialised personnel, according to the instructions of your treating physician.

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