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ATLAS Lifting Crane

The lifting crane is an important aid for the home care of critically ill patients and people with paraplegia. It facilitates their lifting, transport and movement to and from the bed, anywhere in the house, even in the car. In order to be able to make the transfer correctly and safely, we must place the person carefully in the bag and move them with the appropriate handling.


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  • It is hydraulic and electric.
  • Steel frame.
  • Wheeled with brakes on rear wheels.
  • The standard carrying case is included. You can additionally combine it with different hammocks for different uses, such as a hammock with an opening for using the toilet or a hammock with a headrest for patients with a weak head, torso or hips.
  • With a large capacity rechargeable battery.
  • With a detachable battery box with a table-top charger.
  • With a warning alarm signal in case of battery discharge.
  • With small wheels so that it can be easily transferred within the house and a large support base than can hold the weight of the patient.
  • With a 3 year warranty.
  • With a 6-month battery warranty.
Total Height 190 cm
Base Length 133 cm
Width with Closed Base 62 cm
Width with Opened Base 117 cm
Maximum User Weight 150 kg

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