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Anti-decubitus Tubular Air Mattress

Decubitus ulcers (bedsores-pressure sores) are characterized by cellular necrosis of an area of ​​the body caused by disruption of microcirculation in the tissues of that area. Decubitus down is a localized area of ​​damaged skin and underlying tissue that develops as a result of prolonged tissue ischemia due to skin pressure. This occurs in bedridden patients who are placed in the same position for a long time. Tissues located above bone protrusions show different resistance to hypoxia than other tissues away from the bones. Ulcers usually form on the protruding parts of the body.

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  • Used in cases where patients have reached 2nd or 3rd stage of bed sores (moderate risk) for the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers.
  • It has a direct relief valve “CPR” for emergency patient transports.
  • It has a special hypoallergenic, removable, air chamber protection cover, which is washable.
  • The air chambers are removable and easily replaced in case of wear.
  • Possibility to replace an individual air chamber in case of wear without having to replace the mattress.
  • Protective case made of nylon PU material and air chambers from nylon PVC of high quality and durability. 
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • The special ergonomic shape of the ribbed air mattress allows the best distribution of air at the patient’s high risk points of contact with the air mattress.
  • Number of air chambers: 18.


Electric Air Pump:


  • Air pressure range 50mmHg – 120mmHg.
  • Air intake completion time of the air mattress is 12 minutes.

Anti-decubitus tubular air mattress:


Length 200 cm
Width 90 cm
Height   7 cm
Maximum Patient Weight 140 kg
Colour Blue


Electric Air Pump:


Length 27 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 8 cm
Air Supply 7 L/MIN
Weight 1,3 kg


Purchase procedure through EOPYY:


For a purchase through EOPYY you should contact us by phone at 2104822800.

Send us the medical report sealed and signed by the doctor and the examiner.

You pay your participation (Cash on Delivery, bank deposit or credit card) and then we send you the product along with the necessary EOPYY documents, which you must sign and send back to us.

EOPYY electronic prescription:

EOPYY material code: 00422.

EOPYY description: Electric air mattress for bedridden patients – air mattress with an air-pump mechanism

Superior granted amount of EOPYY: 51,00€

EOPYY disease code: Z74.0, (G70, G37, G36, G35, G80.0, G11.4, G04.1, G73, G82)(see disease table).

Necessary proof of medical opinion that confirms that the patient is bed-ridden.


Attention: In case your participation is 0%, it is necessary to send us a photocopy of the KEPA decision.

Attention: In case your participation is 0%, it is necessary to send us a photocopy of the KEPA decision.

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