Anti-decubitus Tubular Air Foam Mattress


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  • Ηas a valve for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Includes a foam mattress.
  • Low pressure:

-In case the air mattress pressure is lower than the specified one, an alarm is activated where it can be revoked.

  • Automatic pressure control:

-Comes with a pressure range adjustment display in patient kilograms (30-180 kg).

  • Seat function:

-The display shows the letter “L”.

-It offers extra support to patients when in a sitting position.

  • Static operation:

-Both zones are inflated simultaneously, there is no alternating pressure, the LED display shows «- -« for 30 minutes and then automatically returns to the activation of  Alternating Pressure Mode.

-Meant only for nursing treatment use.

  • Possibility of alarm activation in case of power failure.
  • Has an “ALARM” button to stop the alarm.
  • Ability to lock all device functions within 5 seconds.
  • Ability to unlock all device functions within 5 seconds.


Tubular Air Foam Mattress:


  • Nylon TPU & Stretch PU cover material. 
  • Length of Connection Tube: 150cm.


Electric Air Pump:


  • Operating Voltage (V) -Frequency (Hz) AC220-240V / 50HZ
  • Pressure range 30mmHg – 60mmHg
  • Rotation Cycle 12 Minutes
  • Consumption ≤ 7 W ± 10%.
  • Noise ≤ 30 dB ± 10%.
  • Maximum inflation time: 12 minutes
  • User Interface Type: Touch Buttons, except for On / Off.

Tubular Air Foam Mattress:


Length 200 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 20 cm
Maximum Patient Weight 155 kg
Colour Blue


Electric Air Pump:


Length 27,5 cm
Width 13,5 cm
Height 9 cm
Air Supply 7 L/MIN
Weight 2 kg


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